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Our Legacy Founder Christopher Nying LN-CC

Our Legacy Founder Christopher Nying LN-CC

It’s 9pm on a Tuesday. I’m at home in London and Skinny is on the other side of the world in Tokyo, where it’s 6am on Wednesday. He hasn’t slept for the evening and we are conducting this interview via voice messages.

Sirui Ma: Hey Skinny, what’s going on in Tokyo?

I'm just out here on a ramen quest
I flew “straight” from Art Basel - Miami, to Tokyo to support my good friend Samuel Ross (founder of A-Cold-Wall*), whose launching his collaboration with Diesel there.
I’ve worked up quite an appetite, so I’m trying to complete this ramen list that Adrian Bianco has made.
I got 3 days! (optimistic)

Sirui Ma: You probably travel the most out of anyone I know in my life, and I’m certain you meet loads of new people all the time. How would you describe your occupation to someone you’ve just met?

Minister of Stuff…

Sirui Ma: Sounds about right. I definitely couldn’t have put it better! So one of the stuff of which you are a Minister is Bone Soda… Can you tell me more about how Bone Soda was born?

Ah! Now I wouldn’t say I’m the minister of Bone Soda
Bone Soda (co-founded with Truce Susan & Sofie SOS) started as a now-and-again no-frills party/project out of boredom & frustration of (then) London’s clubbing scene - we quickly noticed it served as a hotbed in providing a space for our international friends who came into town (usually on the weekday as their main gigs were on the weekends) and wanted to play some jams, let of some steam & we would handle the logistical bullshit for them
Since then it has taken shape as a record label, releasing the likes of your faves - slowthai, Jaxxon D.Silva, Michul Kuun aka NAH, LoVibe, Clark and The Community, Bekah CC + more
Now most recently, (and a long time coming) we’ve evolved as a creative studio
But it’s not a one-man band, there is a team consisting of 5 people Truce, Robyn, Diogo, Tommy and myself
We operate as Record Label & Creative Studio

Sirui Ma: What do you guys look for in an artist for Bone Soda?

Anything man. As long as we feel it. There’s no boundary
I’ve grown to believe there’s a sort of energy that we naturally attract and seek
It’s raw, sounds phoney but it’s true
There’s a “punkness” to slowthai, punkness to Jaxxon D.Silva, Michul Kuun, Clark & The Community etc…none of them are the same genre but they all possess this attitude that we can’t explain but fall in love with

Our Legacy Founder Christopher Nying LN-CC

Sirui Ma: You guys have collaborated with a lot of brands. How do you reconcile the inevitable conflicts between a small independent record label (amongst other things) when collaborating with these big companies?

Ultimately if we like what’s presented to us and we can be us throughout, then we’ll rock with it
It all comes down to the respect, giving us the (right) tools to do the job and we’ll knock it out the park for us both
That’s it.

Sirui Ma: What are some things you look for when picking out clothing?

I don’t have a preference, if I see it, like it, cop it (if i can afford it)
But you’ve seen my room lately! I’m slowly turning into a hoarder. I like clothes too much lol

Sirui Ma: This might be easier, what’s your favourite brand?

Our Legacy forever man.

Sirui Ma: Why do you like Our Legacy?

They just do everything right man
Store layout - even the minor details from the rugs to the cotton flowers in the corner
Clothes are made well, great silhouettes. They take great pride in what they do
Reason why it’s not cheap!
I wanted to work in the store on weekends just for the uniform
Couple years later, I did a gig for them, met the (2/3) owners and now we text!
I love organic shit like that

Our Legacy Founder Christopher Nying LN-CC

Sirui Ma: What’s next after SoundCloud and Instagram?

TikTok is ramping up quite a fair bit
Who knows. I’m exiting the matrix soon anyway

Sirui Ma: What's next?

I never like talking about what's next. I'd rather you just see it.
Our last two parties have given us a beautiful insight of what we can achieve next

Sirui Ma: Was that a big moment?

Yeah man, last party we opened the doors at 10:00pm and then at 10:09pm we were capacity.
We only posted it at 7 pm on the day!
We're getting bigger, but I didn't realise it, I guess we're in our own echo chamber.

Sirui Ma: It's nice, but it's also scary — How do you maintain the beast you've created? How do you scale it naturally?

As long as people understand we’re here for music.
That's all I really care about. That's the mission statement.
We can do a cool shoot, whatever - do all this other cool shit bla bla bla.
At the end of the day, it's music what ties it all in, so I want people to remember that when they think about Bone Soda.

Sirui Ma: What’s a goal for 2020?

Driving License!
2020 issa must