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Coperni founders Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant create classic pieces with a contemporary riff. Minimal, clean cut, provocative and irreverent, the label relaunched in 2018 with an unwavering aesthetic that speaks the native tongue of the young women the duo design for. Much like the theories espoused by the renaissance-era astronomer the brand is named for, the Coperni philosophy orbits cerebral futurism and technical innovation to craft immaculate tailoring for the real world. The French brand’s linear sensibility deploys exhaustive research to multi-wear origami-like construction. Focusing on individual pieces rather than full ready-to-wear looks, Coperni’s signature ‘sportif’ silhouette blurs the lines between artisanal engineering and Parisian refinement. Daring cut-outs, sensual mini dresses and gleaming fabrics that invite touch, sit alongside instantly recognisable accessories that include the sculptural Swipe bag arriving in studded crystals, animal prints and viral glass. 

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